Miracle for Webber as tyre holds together

Here's how Mark Webber's front tyre looked at the end of the race...

...and here you can really see how lucky he was

Mark Webber had a miraculous escape in Singapore when he made it to the finish in third place despite damage to his right front tyre after his clash with Lewis Hamilton.

The tyre made it through the 26 laps after the clash despite being ‘unseated’ from the rim. Webber felt a vibration and actually ended the race with a blister on his hand.

The team’s telemetry did not show a loss of pressure, but there was an unusual indication that the volume of the air in the tyre had changed – easily explained by my picture – and the team could not explain that until the crew saw the tyre up close after the race.  The tyre finally lost its air as the car sat in parc ferme.

Meanwhile Hamilton’s own retirement was caused because his left rear wheel was completely shattered.


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6 responses to “Miracle for Webber as tyre holds together

  1. kateafan

    “Mark Webber had a miraculous escape … ”

    …. another one this year?

    You have to wonder, is someone looking out for Mark after years of bad luck?

    Hope so!

  2. Lopek

    I bet when the tyre was at racing temperature, and so far higher pressure, that this was nowhere near as pronounced. It would only be when it cooled and shrunk that it pulled away in this way.

    Not saying that Mark was not damn lucky, but also don’t think that this is as big a deal as it is being out to be.

  3. I really thought it looked like that on TV but I couldn’t believe that it would hold together!

  4. alejandro

    a sign! a sign! Webber will win the WDC, no doubt!

  5. John

    Great photo

    Well done Adam

  6. Jeremy

    I am Alonso’s fan, but seeing your photos I think he will need something else than good driving and good car to beat Webber. Does anybody know some good voodoo manual? 🙂

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