Hispania’s new F111 set to take flight

Hispania boss Colin Kolles says that his team will run last year’s car in the first three tests of the winter in Spain, but will have its new model for the final session in Bahrain, which takes place the week before the first GP.

Having hired a Hollywood designer to give the team a new sci-fi image Kolles has given the team’s new car a type number resonant of a famous fighter-bomber.

HRT’s F111 will share its nomenclature with the General Dynamics aircraft, which was also known as the ‘Aardvark.’ It was introduced in 1967 and has only just gone out of service, the Australian Air Force having been the last user.

Kolles insists that his F111 is an all-new car, contrary to early suggestions that HRT would have to update its 2010 chassis, which was built by Dallara. Kolles had hoped to use Toyota technology this year, but the deal fell through.

The 2010 car will be utilized at the first tests, and as soon as the 2011 car is ready, we will implement it,” said Kolles in a team release. “The plan is to use the 2011 car at the Bahrain test. The 2011 car will be a completely new car, and will be called F111.

“The F111 is being made by Hispania Racing with several groups of engineers. At the moment, there are approximately 40 designers finalizing the first spec, under the leadership of Geoff Willis as Technical Director and Paul White as Chief Designer.”

Kolles says that there is no firm news on the second driver alongside Narain Karthikeyan.

Let’s see. In the next few days there will be several announcements. The second driver has not been decided yet, because we have to make sure that we are making the best choice. We are making progress in all areas which is positive, working very hard, and the results will be shown and be announced very soon.”


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6 responses to “Hispania’s new F111 set to take flight

  1. kaoru

    Today is January 25th yet HRT is designing the first specs of the brand new car.
    All in HRT might well totally lost sense of time…

    • Good point but if we give him the benefit of the doubt he’s probably talking about wings and similar ‘add-ons’, and they still have a few weeks to get those ready.

      • alejandro

        This is all very reminiscent of USF1, at this time of the year as well… Only one driver announced, many announcements but nothing concrete… Wouldn’t be surprised if Colin is trying to fit some wings and a KERS unit on a toaster, under the technical supervision of Ken Anderson.

  2. Stone the crows

    As behind as they obviously are, HRT is in better shape now than they were last year at this time.

  3. Stone the crows

    Ah the cynicsm… take look back at recent history, a near thing doesn’t always spell disaster-it doesn’t bode well, but it does not mean a fail either. STR waited till the last minute to name it’s drivers and didn’t have its cars ready several times in recent seasons. Brawn GP narrowly made it to the grid in time.

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