FIA moves German GP to make space for 20th race

The FIA World Motor Sport Council says  that the 2013 German GP will be moved to July 7, one week after the British GP.

The change has been made to free up July 21 for what it terms “another European event.” Bernie Ecclestone admitted recently that France is looking unlikely and that Turkey was a more promising candidate to be the 20th race.

Meanwhile the FIA has agreed some changes to the technical and sporting regulations for 2013 and for the start of the turbo era in 2014.

For 2013 it will introduce more stringent front wing deflection tests, while “minor changes” have been made to the front roll structure design. There will also an increase in minimum weight to compensate for an increase in the weight of the 2013 specification Pirellis.

As revealed by Charlie Whiting in Austin, the “force majeure” excuse when a car stops on the track in qualifying will no longer be in use, and the FIA will determine how much fuel the car would have used to get back to the pits, and add it to the one litre sample minimum.

Also as revealed by Whiting, use of the DRS during practice will now only be allowed in the zone or zones in which it will be used on the track in the race.

In a further clampdown on teams who bring parts at the last minute the personnel curfew will be extended from six to eight hours on Thursday night, and only two exceptions will be allowed during a season, instead of four.

Meanwhile with regard to 2014, the FIA noted that “a new draft with numerous changes was discussed and agreed by the F1 Technical Working Group and Powertrain Working Group,” adding that “a number of changes have been made to the power unit regulations with the aim of limiting technology in some areas in order to reduce development costs.”

Intriguingly the FIA also noted that “changes made to bodywork design, originally aimed at reducing downforce and drag for increased efficiency, have reverted to 2012 specification.”

As previously noted, the requirement for cars to be driven under electric power in the pit lane has been postponed until 2017, while the minimum weight limit has been raised to compensate for additional power unit weight.

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