Felipe Massa: “Starting last here is not easy…”

Massa's car was badly damaged in the shunt. Photo: AC

Massa’s car was badly damaged in the shunt. Photo: AC

Felipe Massa will start the Monaco GP from the back of the grid after he was not able to take part in qualifying.

Massa had a big accident at Ste Devote in the morning’s FP3 session, and while the team nearly finished the repair job in the end the clock ran out, and Massa was not able to go out in Q1.

The Brazilian locked his front wheels when he braked a little later than usual and turned sharp left into the barrier on the approach to Ste Devote. He then ran head-on into the barrier at the exit of the corner.

“I’m fine, just some stiff muscles here [right shoulder] and around the neck,” said Massa. “When I braked I touched a bump and both wheels went a bit up. When I braked I locked both front wheels. When you lock the front wheels the car doesn’t move [steer], so I hit the guardrail on the left.

“It’s the worst place to have this kind of problem. I saw that the car was pretty damaged, the suspension and everything around the car was pretty damaged, so I knew it wouldn’t be easy to go out. We tried everything we could. Starting last here is not easy.”

Regarding his hopes for the race he said: “I don’t know, I think we have to try everything different, and see if it works. We have the whole evening and tomorrow morning to make a big analysis and try to understand what we will do.”


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2 responses to “Felipe Massa: “Starting last here is not easy…”

  1. Stone the Crows

    It will be difficult indeed, but on the other hand the Scuderia can do whatever they want with race strategy now, and Felipe will have plenty of tyres to use up. I suspect he’ll probably finish in the points if he doesn’t get in a tussle with someone and lose wing or a tyre. Fernando is sounding rather pessimistic too but quali pace and race pace with a load of fuel are different things. The wild card I think will be Mercedes, they have a tendency to throw their races away with malfunctions and tyre degredation. As always Monaco is going to be a great race!


    SAINTE DEVOTE GATE (MONACO 2013) – I hope not!
    I was pleased that my cursory diagnosis was proved right re Felipe Massa’s identical accidents at Sainte Devote.
    Ferrari really must ensure this doesn’ look like/or is just another form of sabotage or subterfuge particularly when,
    up until was it two F1 Championship Rounds ago, he was the faster of the two Ferrari’s in Qualifying and it looked, but
    for Team pressure also Practise? Felipe, Go for Gold at Montreal! Rhuairi

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