New Mercedes W05 on show in Jerez

The new Mercedes on show in Jerez. Photo: AC

The new Mercedes on show in Jerez. Photo: AC

Mercedes unveiled its new W05 in the Jerez pitlane today, four days after Nico Rosberg gave it a brief 40kms shakedown at Silverstone. Lewis Hamiltion is due to drive the car today.

“For 2014 we have probably the greatest change in regulations in Formula One history and the start of a new era for our sport,” said Executive Director (Technical) Paddy Lowe. “From a technical and also a racing perspective, this is an incredibly exciting time for Formula One. We are introducing technologies that are new not just to racing but to the wider automotive world as well. The headline is that of improved efficiency and the fact that we will be completing races with advanced Hybrid systems on just 100 kg of fuel sends a great message about the technology that Formula One can deliver.

“But it is also about the technology that Mercedes-Benz can develop compared with our competition, both for the chassis and the new Power Unit. The whole team has done a fantastic job on the management of the project and its delivery. We have hit our milestones and hit our targets but, as ever, we will only begin to understand how successful we have been once we begin running in anger on track. The new car is an elegant but aggressive design and, as is often the way, its beauty is much more than skin deep; the internal engineering of the car is extremely innovative and intelligent. Our team can be justifiably proud of its work so far – but none of us are under any illusions about the amount we still have to do before the first race in six weeks’ time.”


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3 responses to “New Mercedes W05 on show in Jerez

  1. I look up to him but down to him…
    Paddy: I know my place

  2. Hugo

    Either Paddy Lowe is a midget or Toto Wolff is a giant!

  3. CTP

    Is Paddy Lowe 4’12”?! How can any grown man be that much smaller than LH?

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