FIA decision on new F1 team due on Friday

The FIA is due to make a decision on Friday over whether it will grant a 2015 F1 entry to Gene Haas or the Romanian project fronted by Colin Kolles.

The FIA announced a “call for expression of interest” on December 12, and noted that a decision would be made on February 28 – although it remains to be seen whether that schedule still holds, or if so when the result will be communicated to the world at large.

Haas is tied to Ferrari, and will be able to take advantage of the fact that the FIA is relaxing the rules on sharing technology between teams next season. In effect it means that the NASCAR team co-owner can buy almost everything he needs from Maranello. However, he has to own the IP of his chassis and bodywork.

As revealed here some time ago, the Romanian project is believed to involve state funded backing and is in theory closer to being realised than its American rival. Lotus LMP1/LMP2 constructor Kolles, who ran HRT from his base near Munich, can provide existing race team and manufacturing facilities.

The two candidates paid a $130,000 fee and went through a vetting process which culminated in meetings with key FIA figures on Tuesday of this week. It’s believed that Jean Todt, who incidentally celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, was not directly involved with the meetings.

The original FIA announcement gives some idea of what was discussed: “All applicants will be expected to undergo thorough due diligence. By way of indication only, the applicable selection criteria will include: (a) the technical ability and resources of the team; (b) the ability of the team to raise and maintain sufficient funding to allow participation in the Championship at a competitive level; (c) the team’s experience and human resources; (d) the FIA’s assessment of the value that the candidate may bring to the Championship as a whole.”

The FIA also noted that if no suitable candidate was found no entry would be awarded.


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6 responses to “FIA decision on new F1 team due on Friday

  1. Adam, do we know if the FIA is obligated to grant an entry under the terms of the application process?

  2. proesterchen

    Is this tender limited to one entry only (even though there are two vacant slots in Formula 1), or is there a chance both applicants may be a granted entry if they both fulfil the FIA’s criteria?

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