Will FIA revoke US F1 entry – and open up 13th team entry bid?

As the clock ticks down towards Bahrain we are still awaiting firm news on what’s going to happen to US F1 and Stefan GP.

Basically there now seem to be two main scenarios. Based on Charlie Whiting’s findings after yesterday’s visit, the US F1 entry could be revoked by the FIA, or more specifically the World Motor Sport Council. 

A 13th entry bid process could then be re-opened, to which Stefan GP can apply. But will that be rushed through for 2010 – when Stefan will obviously be the only candidate – or given the time constraints will it be delayed until 2011, allowing time for others to bid? 

The alternative is that Stefan acquires the US F1 entry in the coming days, and thus legitimately gains access to the Bahrain grid. Can investor Chad Hurley make that process happen, assuming that he’s not already committed to Campos? Or is Ken Anderson still fully in control and digging his heels in?

Whatever happens, we can expect new FIA President Jean Todt to play things by the book, with the minimum of exposure to criticism – or possible legal ramifications – for the governing body. For some more thoughts on the possible scenarios check out:


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One response to “Will FIA revoke US F1 entry – and open up 13th team entry bid?

  1. Rhys

    One thing is clear, the situation needs to be settled ASAP. It’s embarrassing for Formula 1 to have this sort of uncertainty and confusion two weeks before the season starts – even IRL is more settled than this!

    I’m not too worried about lack of test time and Stefan and Campos rocking up to Bahrain without major preparation. Minardi did that for years, sometimes finishing the car in the garages and announcing a driver on the Friday, and nobody minded.

    Neither of them is going to be fast anyway. Campos, Stefan, Lotus, Virgin and Toro Rosso are all in a mini-championship with each other.

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