Renault F1 team confirms Lada deal

The Lada name has appeared on the Renault... but there's still space

Renault has formally confirmed its deal with Lada, which was revealed to the world a few days ago by none other than Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The R30 will carry Lada branding, reflecting the commercial ties between the French company and the Russian car manufacturer.

It’s also the first major deal brokered by new boss Gerard Lopez, who is clearly in a hurry to get things done.

“We are proud to announce this new agreement, which marks another important step for the Renault F1 Team and Formula 1 in Russia,” he said in a team statement. “Through Mangrove Capital we have been actively investing in Russia over the last years. We know the country well, we have a high degree of appreciation for it and, as such, it is an honour for our F1 team to spearhead Russia’s entry into the sport and to carry the Lada brand at the highest level of world motorsport. We look forward to an exciting and successful season together.”

There have been many attempts over the decades to kick start a Grand Prix in Russia, and this deal will surely create some momentum for it to finally happen.


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6 responses to “Renault F1 team confirms Lada deal

  1. So we’ve now got ‘BMW-Sauber Ferrari’ and a Renault with Lada logos on it. Good stuff.

  2. Lustigson

    It wouldn’t surprise me, if it proves commercially viable, if López renames the team Lada in the near future.

    Somewhat off-topic: I’ve never understood why motor manufacturers in F1 haven’t promoted more brands than one with their engine supplies, e.g.: Renault factory team + Nissan for Red Bull, Ferrari + Maserati for Minardi or Sauber, or Mercedes for McLaren + Chrysler for a customer team (when DaimlerChrysler was still one company).

    • Proesterchen

      Daimler could rename the McLaren engines Smart now that they have their own works team. And why not promote the Unimog sub-brand through another team?

      ‘Force India Unimog’ sounds quite enticing, doesn’t it? 😉

  3. This won’t quite be the first open top Lada – or shall we skip that one?

    But could we have a McMog rather than a “Force India Unimog”?

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