Ferrari reveals new logo for 2011

Ferrari will use this logo from the start of 2011

Ferrari has revealed a new logo for 2011 which in effect replaces the controversial barcode. It will be used on the car and personnel from January 1.

Unveiling the logo, team boss Stefano Domenicali said that the team would continue to be called Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, adding that the graphic changes had been made in conjunction with Philip Morris.

“All the activities related to the activities of the racing department will use this logo,” said Domenicali. “It will be on top of the cars, on the uniforms, on the drivers’ overalls, on the Ferrari Driver Academy activities, and all the other things that we will do in the future through the racing department of F1. This belongs to our team and is a trade mark of Scuderia Marlboro Ferrari.”

The cynical view might be that it looks even more like a cigarette packet than the barcode did…


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3 responses to “Ferrari reveals new logo for 2011

  1. Wow… thats really really awesome, and i dont think it look more like a cigarrette packet… the bar codes did alil…

  2. thewizardweb

    Obviously the design is owned by Ferrari but was the design brief “It needs to be square or box shaped and if you could incorporate a white/red chevron like, I don’t know, the one on a packet of reds, then that’d be great.”

    Two weeks later

    “Yeah, that design is smokin’ ! I see what you’ve done with the chevron, it’s like a packet of reds when you tip it on it’s side to get one out. The eye automatically completes the square from the sticky out lines to create a box. And the best bit is, no one has mentioned Marlboro ! D’oh!”

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