Fernandes acquires Team Lotus name

Lotus Racing boss Tony Fernandes is in the process of acquiring the rights for the traditional Team Lotus name – opening up the possibility for a formal renaming of the outfit for next season.

Team Lotus was bought by former F3000 driver David Hunt at the end of 1994, but plans to move it on quickly as a going concern failed to come to fruition and the operation folded. The name was briefly allied to Pacific GP in 1995, and Hunt and two partners have held on to it ever since.

When Fernandes started his F1 project this time last year he had to use the Lotus Racing name, but he has been in contact with Hunt recently, and a deal is finally in the pipeline.

The return of the Team Lotus name will in effect mean that there are no loose ends and provide a formal link not just with the past but also with Classic Team Lotus, the historic car operation run by Colin Chapman’s son Clive.


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4 responses to “Fernandes acquires Team Lotus name

  1. Lets hope it brings in the old quality Lotus back with progress to their car next year!

  2. thewizardweb

    This is really good news for Lotus ! Hopefully, if they get the Renault deal done too they can move at least to the midfield. They’ve some really good people working there now, with more to come, so out of all the teams, new or old, they’re the ones I’m most excited about at the moment.

    Maybe to help with the Renault deal, they can let Heiki go there, give Webber a good home and then Kimi can go to RedBull….. 🙂

  3. Hare

    Slighty misleading title as the deal isn’t done yet. But great news when it is 🙂

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