Red Bull, Ferrari to face new wing deflection test today

The Red Bull and Ferrari wings will face the new test today

The FIA is set to try its new and stricter deflection tests on the Red Bull and Ferrari front wings after practice at Spa this afternoon.

FIA sources confirmed that the two teams at the centre of the controversy will be selected, along with one of the “whingers.” Other teams have apparently requested that they get their wings tested.
The teams have not yet been able to try their own tests with the FIA’s official equipment. They had hoped to do so in the FIA scrutineering garage on Thursday, which is when they routinely carry out pre-weekend checks on the weighing platform to confirm that everything is order before the weekend gets underway.
However the FIA decreed that the time consuming deflection tests could only be done on Wednesday afternoon, and no cars were at the track in time.

However teams have been able to do their own tests in their factories, having been told by the FIA on August 13 exactly what format would be used, and thus in theory they should not expect any surprises.

Meanwhile RBR boss Christian Horner insists that his team has not had to modify the wing to meet the new requirements.

“There’s been a lot of noise from other quarters about our car, but I think our guys take it as a compliment,” he said on BBC radio this morning.

“We’re totally happy that our car complies. The FIA have had concerns that have been raised to them, and they’ve raised the tests, but we’re confident that our car complies.”

Horner says he isn’t worried about the new floor tests which will be used in Monza for the first time.

“I think it will affect us only as much as any other team. I don’t think it will have any significant impact upon us. We’re confident that we will comply with any tests that are required.”

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One response to “Red Bull, Ferrari to face new wing deflection test today

  1. John

    “There’s been a lot of noise from other quarters about our car…” there’s a shocker huh! Maybe it’s all those videos/pictures of the FWEP scraping the tarmac there Christian?

    Does this guy just think everyone is blind?

    When McLaren says they “don’t understand it”, what they are saying is they don’t understand how they are doing that “within the confines of the rules”.

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