Lewis Hamilton: “We’re still in with a fighting chance…”

Lewis Hamilton is hopeful of a good race in Korea tomorrow, despite qualifying only fourth, half a second behind pole man Sebastian Vettel

Hamilton was fastest in Q1 and thought he was in with a shout of pole, but the Red Bulls and Fernando Alonso found speed when it mattered in Q3. Although he had a little more understeer than he would have liked Lewis did not know where he had lost out.

“It was a good qualifying session, but not as good as it was in practice,” said Hamilton. “The car felt strong, even in qualifying, but the others just picked up time. I don’t know where from, but they were quick.

“We were quick through practice. I don’t know where the time slipped away in qualifying. I got everything I could possibly get out of the car and more, and it still wasn’t fast enough. So I don’t know where they’re gaining all that time, but we’re still in with a fighting chance.

“I have everything to gain, and the guys in front – or least Mark – have everything to lose. I think it’s going to be an interesting one. I don’t know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, but it will be a long race, and an exciting one. From there we can still fight, there are long straights, so it’s still possible.

“I feel that we’re competitive. The long runs are good, the car’s the best it’s been. I’ve just got to do the best I can with what I have. I can’t ask any more of the guys in the factory or the guys here, and I don’t think they can ask any more from me. I think tomorrow we’re still in a fighting position. We’ve got good starts – I’m not on the clean side of the grid – so we’ll have to see how much of a negative that is. But generally I think we can have a good race tomorrow.”

Lewis had a lucky escape at the end of his first run in Q3 when he ran wide across the dirt after getting out of shape at the pit entry.

“There’s a big bump on the way in on the entry of the pit lane. You’ve got to practice your entry through practice through the in laps just to maximise it for the race. I hit that bump, and it was nearly a big shunt.”

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One response to “Lewis Hamilton: “We’re still in with a fighting chance…”

  1. Albert

    I couldn’t help but think Lewis should have taken better advantage of the practice time. I of course, don’t know what strategy might have been playing out, but it seemed that he spent a great deal of the practice session that was shown online Thursday, night in the garage waiting to go out. I wanted to see him getting better used to the track.

    Then again, he was fastest at times…so?

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