Class of 2010 on parade on Abu Dhabi

Calm before the storm? Drivers posing 90 minutes before the start

So here they are, the complete 2010 field on show in Abu Dhabi a few minutes ago, including Michael Schumacher, Bruno Senna and Timo Glock, who were all missing from Friday’s photo shoot organised by Bernie Ecclestone.

Intriguingly Webber and Alonso spent some time chatting both before and during the parade, reminding us that they get on well.

BTW, this morning I asked Ecclestone what he thought of Webber and his season. “He’s a Ferrari driver,” said Bernie. ” I think he’s got the character that the Old Man would have liked.”

Now I wonder why he said that…


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4 responses to “Class of 2010 on parade on Abu Dhabi

  1. Kate

    Surely he is just teasing us?

  2. Kevin

    Ah, the twists and turns of F1 intrigue…!

  3. Alberto Dietz

    By now only three deserve to become WDC 2010, Mark, Seb and Lew, in that order.

  4. Don’t think that means anything but it would be pretty cool. If he matched Alonso there I suspect their friendship would be over 😉

    Sad Webber missed out this year but by his own admission he just didn’t have the pace this weekend. Seb really deserved it.

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