Lotus name battle reaches court today

The battle over the use of the Lotus name in F1 reaches the High Court of Justice in London today – although Tony Fernandes says it won’t have an immediate impact on his use of the Team Lotus name.

The dispute is between Group Lotus plc and 1Malaysia Racing Team, the company behind what was formerly known as Lotus Racing, and is now Team Lotus.

Today’s case is about the licensing deal they had last year, and it involves a Summary Judgment, a ‘fast track’ route to a decision without a lengthy trial – something that would not have started until well into the 2011 season.

Fernandes said on his Twitter feed today: “Many confused about case today. It’s not about Team Lotus name who owns it which is in November. We brought that case to prove once and for all.

“Today’s case is Group desperate attempt to use their one way unlawful termination of license agreement of Lotus Racing. Saying One Malaysia can’t use Lotus. Part of post termination clauses. So nothing changes on Team Lotus.”

The case will be heard by Mr Justice Peter Smith from 2pm.

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