Stunning Mercedes W02 unveiled

The Mercedes W02 looks superb

The Mercedes MGP W02 was the third new car to be unveiled in a hectic 50 minutes in Valencia today. Featuring as expected a livery with more silver and a lot less grey and black, it looks superb, to say the least.

More later!

Mercedes didn't hide the diffuser. Bravo!





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3 responses to “Stunning Mercedes W02 unveiled

  1. Proesterchen

    So they figured that what was wrong with last year’s car was that it wasn’t a RBR, and decided to fix that thoroughly?

    I mean, best of luck to them, but this copy-job is kinda blatant, don’t you think?

  2. Michael C

    I don’t have your knowledge to comment but if that’s right then they are not going to win if the new one (RBR) is better

  3. Steve W

    I thought the 2011 car was called the W02 (or MGP W02). So does the 2012 car have the same chassis type? Confused…

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