First run for the Lotus T128 in Valencia

The Lotus T128 heading out at 9am today

The Lotus T128 became the eighth 2011 car to take to the track when Heikki Kovalainen head out of the Valencia pit garage this morning.

The car had previously only been seen in pictures taken in an undergound car park in the team’s internet launch in the early hours of Monday morning.

Lotus is of course the only team to have switched engine supplier over the winter, and the Renault is mated to the 2009 Red Bull gearbox. Last year’s RBR box was optimised for the double diffuser, which is why it made more sense to go for an older spec.

The team has no immediate plans to run KERS but may be forced to do so later in the year if its lack proves to be a real handicap.

The car also features a ‘spike’ roll hoop, although it is not as extreme as  that on last year’s Mercedes, and is thus legal.

New car has Red Bull gearbox but no KERS


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10 responses to “First run for the Lotus T128 in Valencia

  1. Simon Benedict

    Adam, don’t take this the wrong way, the pictures are great and you’re often the first to post them…
    …but have you ever considered buying a better camera or perhaps having a few lessons?

    • Well… That car left the garage at 9am, as you can see the story is dated 9.06am (on the blog it’s in GMT). Lotus did not provide any kind of formal photo opportunity. That car drove out of the garage and accelerated away and I took two shots as it did so. I have a small pocket camera and they tend not to like taking two pics in a matter of seconds, so the second one isn’t sharp. Even as he was doing the lap I had to walk the full length of the pitlane, climb the stairs to the press room, download the photos, insert them in the story and upload it. I didn’t exactly have time for a studio shoot! But it was better than nothing and it was online four minutes after he finished that lap, and before any professional photographer had had time to do anything with a picture of the thing actually moving. I’m not claiming to be a professional photographer, I’m just having a bit of fun and trying to keep you guys entertained. I’m doing my best…

      • Simon Benedict

        And you’re doing a good job at being first, that’s for sure. Just reckon a slightly better point and shoot camera would get you better results.
        Keep up the good work!

      • kristian

        The photos are great, they serve their purpose. To cater to those who want higher quality shots, throw up a tipjar on your site and raise enough money via their generosity to get one of these: Also, if you gave us the type of camera you’re using and the settings then maybe someone could offer recommendations that would yield better results.

      • bem

        Funny thing, that photo is just as blurry as the one burned into my memory of the time i sneaked into the pits pre-race and got almost run over by one of the cars going off to the grid.

        Adam, i discovered your blog a few months ago and it’s quickly become one of my favourites, keep up the good job.

  2. tkpenalty

    What camera are you using Adam? As Simon said, you might need a new camera/better lens/better setup.

    Nonetheless thanks for the information.

  3. Peter G

    For a small fee, I can accompany you to all the races and supply the photos.
    As you know, I do have quite a collection of NIKON cameras .
    All the best from your old landlord from Ogikubo,

  4. Kitchen cynic

    For an even smaller fee I can accompany you to all the races and carry your camera for you…

  5. Peter G

    Listen you amateurs !!

    Adam used to stay at my place in Tokyo…..He owes me 🙂

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