Too many buttons, says Barrichello

Like several other drivers Rubens Barrichello has expressed concerns about the amount of work drivers have to do in the cockpit this season.

Yesterday the Brazilian tried KERS and the movable wing for the first time, and found it hard to focus on the actual driving.

“The only drawback from the day is that the number of buttons on the steering wheel can distract you from the driving,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a danger, but I think it’s a concern. In terms of execution, the additional controls are obviously necessary, but people have different steering wheels, so drivers may therefore be able to reach some buttons easier than others. The problem is you are taking your eye off the road.

“There is not a single straight where I don’t press a button and change gear. In my role in the GPDA we will keep talking about this, but I think the FIA will let us practice a little more. I think the strong comments will come now but will lessen as people get used to things.”

Rubens says he’s happy with the latest Pirellis: “I ran the medium tyre for most of yesterday. They seem quite hard which is causing us to slide around a bit too much, but the soft compound seems to be fine.”


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7 responses to “Too many buttons, says Barrichello

  1. Jenson Button hits back: Too many Barrichellos

  2. noahracer

    Rubens can simply pull it off and throw it to the ground!

  3. Andy c

    Funnily enough, it only took 1 button to defeat Rubens in 2009.

    Now it’s 2. 😉

  4. Nickthe Hippy

    There’s only Jenson.

  5. Gary Taylor

    Imagine if you had to shift gears and use a clutch pedal. Mind blowing.

  6. *insert Jenson Button pun here*

  7. Tom Chiverton

    Well, my only response is ‘good’. I’m glad it’s difficult to drive an F1 car (the most advanced race car in the world) and I’m doubly glad the new tyres cause too much sliding.
    Those two should mean mistakes, which means overtaking chances.

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