FIA postpones Bahrain GP deadline to May 1

The FIA World Motor Sport Council has failed to come up with any useful information on the future of the 2011 Bahrain GP, and has instead revealed a new deadline of May 1.

Not only that it says that it’s up to the organisers to say whether the race can be organised this year. Meanwhile there is no news on how the event might fit into the calendar.

The announcement said: “The World Motor Sport Council asked the Bahrain Motor Federation to communicate by May 1st at the latest if the Bahrain Grand Prix can be organised in 2011.”

The lack of information makes it hard for anyone to confirm travel arrangements for the end of season races as clearly there could be some shuffling, with Brazil possibly moving to Dec 4 to allow for an Abu Dhabi/Bahrain back-to-back.


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3 responses to “FIA postpones Bahrain GP deadline to May 1

  1. I think it would be much wiser to forget about this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix and open things up for a discussion for next years race after Abu Dhabi.

    May seems awfully soon to me and how could they possibly guarantee the safety of everyone form some sort of flare up?

  2. Alan

    They seem to have retreated to a different planet throughout this entire event.

    Korea last year and now Bahrain this year. It seems the FIA has become devoid of any form of leadership with the balls to step up and take important decisions.

    The goings on in Bahrain might generate a tiny bit of negative press for them but no-one is really mentioning them too much because it has all been about Bernie and the Crown Prince – from a F1 perspective, obviously. They genuinely appear to be completely disinterested in the whole thing, despite their status as the sport’s governing body.

    I admired Jean Todt’s understated “let everyone get on with it” leadership style that we have seen so far but he seems to have gone from quiet leader to invisible man.

    The race has been cancelled. And until there is a concrete solution to the political problems it should stay that way, which for me means no Bahrain GP at all in 2011, at the very least.

    At this rate, booking your travel arrangements might become more of an adventure than actually going to the races!

  3. Paul Ebbens

    Fans are the last consideration in F1 it would seem…

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