Todt avoiding “confrontation” with Bernie

Jean Todt has declined to respond to recent criticism from Bernie Ecclestone, who called the FIA President a “poor man’s Max Mosley.”

Speaking to Roger Blitz and James Allen for the Financial Times, Todt chose not to get into a war of words with the F1 boss.

“It is important not to overreact,” he said. “I feel with confrontation, unless it is necessary to achieve a result, you lose time. I prefer to achieve results with harmony rather than confrontation.”

It’s assumed that recent tensions between the pair stem from early discussions over the future Concorde Agreement. Todt confirms that he’s determined that the FIA should have a bigger say.

“I will make sure that everybody realises that since the agreement was signed, times have changed. Technology has changed. Evolution has a price. I must make sure that the funding for the FIA is correct.”

He also reiterated that the FIA can veto potential purchasers should CVC sell: “If CVC decides to sell, definitely we have a role to play. It is my job to make sure we secure the present and the future of the FIA F1 world championship.”

You can read more – including Todt’s plans for electric car racing – at


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5 responses to “Todt avoiding “confrontation” with Bernie

  1. Rafael

    Appologies for the potentially stupid question, but: what is the CVC?

    • Will

      CVC Capital Partners is the investment group that owns (85%-ish) Formula One Management and Formula One Administration. Bernie controls the companies but CVC is the majority share holder. Bernie owns the remaining 15% if I understand it correctly.

  2. Stone the crows

    Not getting into a war of words with Bernie is a wise move, what it really means is that Todt is not going to play Bernies game, much less by Bernie’s rules. Though I agree with Ecclestone’s assment of the 2013 engine specs, I much prefer Todt’s approach than Mosley’s manipulations (i.e., make some outrageous claim or demand that no one in their right mind would agree to, wait for all parties involved to panic, over-react and then negotiate them ‘down’ to exactly what he wanted in the first place).

  3. Jake

    Kudos to JT for not taking the bait. I don’t miss the Bernie and Max show one bit.

  4. Tony

    As always, this is about money! How much Bernie (CVC) has to give away to stay in the game, How much the teams (FOTA) are willing to accept to remain in the game and finally, how much will be left to drop over the edge of the negotiating table to keep the FIA in business!
    I suspect we will see, hear, rumblings quite soon, because if the CVC lot get’s to figure just how much they have to give away, which they must already know, to keep the teams happy and “in the game” then I suspect they might try an end run to sell the deal on before its value has become “vapour” dollars. Then it will really get interesting as Todt and the FIA will seek to flex their regulatory muscles and recover the commercial rights from an entity that is deemed,”Not suitable” I’m looking to find Bernard Charles Ecclestone in this new group!
    If you can tear yourselves away from the thrilling “new ” season of racing this just might be the best show in towm.
    Look for lots of smoke and mirrors along the way!

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