Fiat boss Elkann wants to make F1 ‘younger’

John Elkann – the boss of both Fiat and the Exor group that has expressed an interest in taking over F1 – says he wants to modernise the sport.

The Exor/News Corp saga has dominated conversations in Turkey this weekend.

“Whoever is into motors will obviously be tempted to be part of this world,” he was reported as saying by AGI. “We are interested in making this sport more modern and younger. We’re still going through a preliminary phase but we’re trying to understand if there are the grounds to carry on.

“We would like to help ensure the stability of this great sport and think about its future.”

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One response to “Fiat boss Elkann wants to make F1 ‘younger’

  1. Rafael

    Making F1 “younger”?
    Would that mean more jobs will be opening up for young engineers? Or is it just some flowery jargon to try and promote the sale of F1 to News Corp?

    I would personally prefer it if it was more of the former. If it is just for the sale of F1, I will only mind if it seizes to be free to watch.

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