Frustrated Hamilton digs himself a hole…

Lewis Hamilton has created a storm with some ill-advised comments after the Monaco GP, in which he finished sixth after two controversial collisions.

Yesterday Lewis was critical of his team and today he slagged off the FIA and hios fellow drivers and even managed – albeit apparently in jest – to introduce a race element.

He received a drive through for pushing Felipe Massa and after the race received a 20 seconds penalty for a clash with Pastor Maldonado, although he didn’t lose any positions. Both drivers have made their displeasure clear.

Asked about his race by the BBC’s Lee McKenzie, Hamilton said: “It’s an absolute frickin’ joke. I’ve been to see the stewards five times out of six this season.

“Massa held me up in qualifying, I got the penalty. He turned in to me, I got the penalty. These drivers are ridiculous. It’s stupid.

“People want to see racing. But you get done trying to put on a show, trying to make a move. Fair play, if I feel I’ve gone too late I’d hold my hand up to admit I’ve caused an incident. But it’s not the case. I’ll just try and keep my mouth shut and try to enjoy the rest of the season.”

Asked why he was always in trouble, Hamilton said: “Maybe it’s because I’m black. That’s what Ali G says.”


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11 responses to “Frustrated Hamilton digs himself a hole…

  1. Mick

    Hamilton is well known for throwing his toys out of the pram when things aren’t going his way, but today he has gone way too far. If his comments to the BBC today about fellow drivers & stewards decisions & the reasons for those decisions (even in jest) don’t constitute ‘bringing the sport into disrepute’ then i’m not sure what could. I expect some serious backtracking within 24 hours but even if that happens he should be reprimanded for these remarks.

  2. Hunter

    What Lewis said may have been meant as a joke, but it came out the wrong way and he should be reprimanded for it. Things seems awkward with him and McLaren.
    Nice coverage this weekend as always Adam 🙂

  3. Aditya

    although his frustration is justified, his comments definitely aren’t. but his frustration is not just because of this race alone. every time there’s an incident, sure, it’s almost always Hamilton. but, i think that’s not his fault alone. out of all the drivers on the grid, only he and Kobayashi show some aggression, and pull off great overtakes. sure, when he does it well, everyone is ready to clap their hands off. but when something goes wrong, he’s given penalties and disciplinary hearings left, right and centre, not to mention booing and criticism of the fans and other F1 personalities. even Vettel, when things were going badly for him last season, showed a very bad demeanor. but now, he’s everyone’s favourite, everyone’s posterboy. so, yeah, i think it’s a bit unfair, what they’re doing to Lewis.

  4. Annie

    Sad to see Lewis being so frustrated 😦 He shouldn’t have said those things and I’m sure he’ll apologize once he calms down.
    I kinda agree with him, he’s being penalized for something he shouldn’t have been because racing is what we are watching this circus for. And he’s good at racing. If only he would be let doing it…
    But again, as much as I understand his reasons, he shouldn’t have talked the way he did.
    I hope he’ll learn from this because that’s the most important thing, to learn from our mistakes.

  5. John

    Everyone wants the drivers to speak their minds…until they actually do it! this ain’t the first time and it won’t be the last. The ones crying for drivers to speak their mind should really be saying the want drivers to reflect their perceptions of them. We are ALL biased; fans, journo’s, and drivers.
    Freedom of speach exists only when it’s convenient.
    Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle 😉

  6. raffamuffin

    Wow, bandwagon ahoy!

    Frankly I can see Lewis’s perspective – not that I agree with all his comments. F1 as a sport has many racist people working at McLaren, and other teams down the pit lane. Journalists don’t really report on it, mainly so that they probably can keep the privileged access they have to the teams. F1 is ruled by white elitists, doesn’t mean however that is the reason Hamilton is getting the penalties he is.

    Lewis is frustrated with F1, McLaren and himself. He needs to grow up and take responsibility for his actions. He probably has wondered too close to the line for his employers, the FIA and his sponsors comfort. I’m sure there will be lots of sturn words behind closed doors.

    Lewis needs to turn his seasons around – probably a bit late for it as Vettel all but has this season wrapped up. The championship will be over by the end of August, if not before then.

  7. Michael

    The idea of the offense of ‘bringing the sport into disrepute’ through stating an opinion is a really stupid one. Only an idiot could not separate the opinions of one person from the identity and values of an entire sport. It’s a stupid charge which badly run sporting bodies (particularly in football) use to prevent any serious criticism of their actions from people who are well informed – their participants. I hope we don’t see such things in F1.

    Hamilton’s frustrations with the stewards have a good basis – he is often penalised for his honest attempts to race. This has been ongoing for several years now and the frustration finally got the better of him. It’s nice for once to see a driver speak their mind rather than spew out the usual corporate inanities.

  8. tom bakerthat

    This was no joke, this is how Hamilton’s mind works. Nothing is ever his fault, he thinks he’s perfect. Now he imagines there’s a conspiracy against him by the governing body.

    He’s crumbling under the pressure that Vettel is exerting.

  9. tom baker

    Messed up my name there lol

  10. Alex Cooper

    When racism last reared its ugly head in F1, Lewis was the target from a minority of ‘fans’ in Spain. The FIA leapt on it immediately and sorted it all out (and I rarely say complimentary things about Moseley’s time as president).

    For Lewis to then turn around and accuse the FIA’s race stewards of racism is appallingly bad form.
    He should be penalised.

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