New Fanvision G3 on sale for British GP

Lewis and Jenson follow the Supercup race! And how did JB get the new one?

There is good news this week for anyone going to the British GP, as FanVision has confirmed that its new G3 device will be on sale at Silverstone.

If you don’t yet know the FanVision name, you will probably already have come across it under its old identity of Kangaroo. Over the past few seasons the company has been providing a fantastic service via what it calls its “trackside companion live-handheld broadcast device,” which is basically a mini TV screen on which you can see the regular F1 broadcast, along with multiple options for onboard cameras and a myriad of timing and data screens.

Just as important is the audio, and at Silverstone you’ll have a choice of the regular track commentary or the superb BBC5Live feed with David Croft, Anthony Davidson and Natalie Pinkham, plus Ted Kravitz joining in for free practice, and the occasional words of wisdom from Eddie Jordan.

This year the ‘Classic’ FanVision G2 device has been joined by the new G3 model. The G2 is available for rent at Silverstone for £60 for the weekend. At the moment, the G3 is only available for sale. Buying one makes sense if you are going to a few races this season – the price of £218 includes three ‘activation’ fees, and then of course you can use it again next year.

Those prices are apparently online rates, so it’s well worth booking in advance, not least because stock runs out fast.

What makes the G3 special is its larger screen with the positions showing alongside the picture. Among the new features is the same GPS car position map used by the FIA and the teams – really handy for seeing who is where, especially in qualifying.

I was lucky enough to borrow one of the original ‘Classic’ machines when Kangaroo came on the scene a few years ago. I was hooked, so having enjoyed a free one in the first season, I’ve happily – OK, reluctantly! – parted with my hard earned cash for a season rental since then. This year especially, with complex four pit stop strategies, it’s been well worth it.

You can find everything you need at:

And here's a better look at the new G3 courtesy of Jenson

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