Virgin confirms McLaren and WRT deals

Marussia Virgin has confirmed that it has signed a partnership deal with McLaren Applied Technologies and acquired the base of WRT, the company run by Nick Wirth.

The WRT deal had been in the pipeline for some months, discussions having started while Wirth was still part of the team.

Virgin says the McLaren deal will see it benefit “from access to McLaren facilities, knowledge and capabilities, for example their test rigs and driver-in-the-loop simulator, supply chain experience and CFD and CAE techniques including race strategy tools.”

It adds that the deal “will also see McLaren management and production staff embedded within the team, working in roles permitted by the Concorde Agreement.”

The team says it still has faith in CFD but will also use the McLaren wind tunnel.

Regarding the WRT deal, the team says: “the Banbury premises will continue to be utilised by Marussia Virgin Racing for the next two years, during which time the team will progress its plans to develop a tailor-made new facility more suited to the team’s long-term tenure within the sport and allowing the team to come together under the same roof.”

CEO Andy Webb commented: “We can benefit enormously from McLaren’s far-reaching techniques and capabilities and I have no doubt that this Partnership will see us take the technical steps necessary to make a significant leap forwards.

“In addition, our acquisition of the WRT Formula One business ensures continuity of technical infrastructure for the period ahead, which means that the transition to working with our new technical partner can begin immediately and is not frustrated by logistical considerations. Our three-centre operation has served us well in our formative years but our ambitions for the future will rely on the full might of the team coming together under one roof.”

Pat Symonds has been one of the key influences on the decisions and he retains his role as consultant.


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2 responses to “Virgin confirms McLaren and WRT deals

  1. Sean

    They need to get rid of that Cosworth engine for a start!

    • Stone the crows

      The joke around the paddock has been that CFD stands for “can’t find downforce.’ Until they get their aero sorted out, the Cosworth will do just fine. I’m not sure who else would supply them? Does the technical agreement with Mclaren necessarily mean a Mercedes engine, and can they afford it? Given that Renault now has 4 engine contracts, can anyone deny Mercedes a 4th if they’re so inclined? I doubt Ferrari would sell Marussia engines if they have a working agreement with Mclaren.

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