Ferrari changes official team name

Ferrari has dropped Marlboro from its team name

Not many people have yet noticed that the oldest and most famous team in F1 has changed its name this weekend, as the news has not been officially announced.

For Silverstone and beyond Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro has reverted to its traditional moniker of Scuderia Ferrari. It doesn’t make any difference to the logos on the cars, but the new name will appear on the official entry list, and things like signboards over the pit garage.

The move has been made in the light on ongoing pressure from anti-tobacco interests around the world, although the team maintains that it didn’t have to change.

“It’s our decision,” a team spokesman told this blog. “We already comply with all the rules in the UK and everywhere else.”


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3 responses to “Ferrari changes official team name

  1. D

    Funny you should mention that, I noticed it the other day and assumed it was a website glitch, since surely something like that couldnt have been overlooked by everyone – could it?

    I clicked a random link from twitter to their website, saw “Scuderia Ferrari” being used 20 times as the team name rather than the former version that would always be used in press releases. Looking at the footer, or front page for sponsor logos there was no mention of their tobacco sponsor.

    About time they changed, its always felt very wrong that their sponsor was able to get ‘TV advertising’ by having their name mentioned during (for example) press conference introductions etc when pretty much no other sport/event in the world would allow it.

  2. Alberto Dietz

    Humans know banksters are far more dangerous than tobacco companies. Moreover, having recently renewed their Ferrari contract, Marlboro are expected to continue paying big money AND have their name removed. In addition, an outfit involved in fractional reserve banking/credit creation out of thin air pays Ferrari only one fifth of what Marlboro does but gets its name all over cars/drivers.

  3. Frankly, I’m not surprised. Sooner or later somebody would have said something about the logo. Promoting tabacco to such a large audience isn’t morally right.

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