Martin Whitmarsh: “Sebastian made a couple of mistakes…”

Martin Whitmarsh says that McLaren can’t expect to rely on Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull hitting problems – but can at least try to put the championship leaders under pressure while improving the team’s own form.

Vettel has still not finished a race lower than fourth in 2011, and hasn’t had a retirement.

“We can’t bring about his failure, all we can do is put pressure on him, and I think Sebastian made a couple of mistakes today,” said Whitmarsh in Germany. “To balance that at the start of the year he was supreme in his confidence, not making any mistakes whatsoever.

“I think we’ve got to actually concentrate on our own act, improve our performance, improve our reliability, improve everything that we do, and that’s all we can do. If that turns out to be good enough to win races, then that’s great.”

Whitmarsh expects form to vary race by race: “We’re in a competitive season. Ferrari are strong, Red Bull are clearly very strong… Red Bull were very quick in Hungary last year. Each circuit may change the status quo, the performance of the team could change the status quo, the underlying development pace can change the status quo. It will see-saw around, I’m sure. I’d love to think that we have a marginally quicker race car and we’ll have it for the remainder of the season, but I doubt we’ll have that luxury.

“Ferrari are going to be strong for the rest of the year, hopefully we will be, and we can make this another fantastic championship like we had last year.”

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One response to “Martin Whitmarsh: “Sebastian made a couple of mistakes…”

  1. Raymond

    I think Red Bull have actually undone themselves this year. They have supreme downforce, yes, and that allows them to go super quick in the fast corners especially. But it seems that with these new Pirellis, this is just stretching them under load and chewing them up, overloading the Pirellis. Hence why their race pace in tracks such as Silverstone & Spain, ironically, have been lackluster.

    What do you think, Adam?

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