Red Bull, McLaren lose tyre fight with FIA

The FIA has now apparently told all the teams with cars in the top 10 that they have to start with the tyres on which they qualified.

Earlier this morning Red Bull, McLaren and Toro Rosso had been told that they would be allowed to fit fresh front tyres in the light of blistering in Q3 yesterday, the teams having cited safety grounds.

However other teams were not happy with that decision and new evidence has emerged over the course of the morning. It seems that the FIA believes that the problem was generated by the extreme cambers run by those teams and that there is no inherent safety issue with the Pirellis.

It seems the team also asked if they could change cambers, but that can only be done if they drop out of parc ferme and start from the pit lane.

Christian Horner and Adrian Newey spent much of the morning in discussion with the FIA, while among those known to have registered their opposition are Force India and Williams.

The problem that the teams now face is that they are stuck with those camber settings and every set of tyres will face the same fate…


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4 responses to “Red Bull, McLaren lose tyre fight with FIA

  1. Mick

    The right decision. Unless Pirelli say that there is something inherently wrong with those tyres then the teams must live with the decisions they made about how to set up the car and how much life to take out of them in qualifying.

  2. CTP

    absolutely right. if it’s that big of a safety problem, the drivers should start from the pitlane.

  3. pollerunner

    No way should they get free tires. Walk the talk lets see how much a problem it is…..

  4. noahracer

    Only the top 10 or everyone? Seems a bit discriminatory if the former, but what else is new with the “Brabham Brothers” running the show?

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