Iran confirms race circuit plans

Amid recent talk of an Iranian GP plans for a race circuit in the country have been formally announced.

The initial intention appears to be more modest, with a Grade II FIA licence the target – which will allow the track to host events such as the WTCC and FIA GTs.

The iLand Race Resort is being built not by Tilke, but by UK firm Apex. Like Korea and Abu Dhabi, it is part of a much larger development.

A statement today explained: “The directors of TSI Group and their iLand resort, a 1,700 hectare resort city currently under construction in Parand city on the outskirts of the Iranian capital city of Tehran, are pleased to announce their plans for the exciting new iLand Race Resort development.

“The iLand Race Resort will comprise a 5.0km race circuit built in the style of the classic ‘naturally contoured’ circuits such as Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium), the Nürburgring Nordschleife  (Germany) and Donington Park (UK). It is to be built on a parcel of land of 75 hectares that is 1,100m above sea level, with a natural topography range of 22m.

“It will be serviced by a country club, expo centre and road safety training school and will be linked to the wider nearby development through the iLand Central Business District. Initial groundworks have commenced for construction and Phase 1, the West circuit, is scheduled for completion in 2012, with full construction and operation anticipated in 2013.”

“The circuit and the adjacent development is to be designed and the construction project management supervision is to be provided by the British motorsport design consultancy Apex Circuit Design Ltd., with support from their co-consultants Ridge and Partners and Mott Macdonald in the UK, teamed with the iLand technical group in Tehran and their locally appointed architects, engineers and contractors.

“The aspiration for the circuit is initially to attract an FIA Grade 2 license and to accommodate regional and International race events and Iranian corporate entertainment, education and motorsport activities; the circuit development will be contained within an economic free zone and is only 5km away from Tehran Iman Khomeni Airport.”


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7 responses to “Iran confirms race circuit plans

  1. A. Nonymous

    I’d rather they copy a lot of other things from the western world first before investing in motorsport …

  2. Mon Pen

    I look forward to the first attempt to field a woman driver there.

  3. Stone the crows

    A country club in Iran? Sounds like a punchline to a joke, not a plan for an FiA sanctioned venue. If fans who care about human rights found Bahrain to be an odious place to enjoy their favorite sport, I wonder what they’ll think of this? Ask anyone who has immigrated from Iran in since the Shah was deposed what the soccer feilds were used for. I imagine the electricity for this circuit will come from one of their new and highly efficient nuclear power stations.
    The ‘selling ice to Eskimos’ marketing award definitely must go to Apex Circuit Design, Ridge & Partners and Mott Macdonald.

  4. Alberto Dietz

    Blowback, i.e. 1953 (google Ron Paul)

  5. noahracer

    The Israelis will take care of this before its functional. Hopefully.

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