Jenson Button: “It’s quite different to last year”

Jenson Button says that Monza presents some interesting strategic and set-up challenges, and that the ideal solution is far from clear cut.

Last year Button ran a high downforce spec, with some success, but he says that the advantage of doing that has been negated.

“This is a very interesting race,” said Button. “It’s not straightforward, this race. Strategy is difficult, there’s a massive camber limit on the front which is going to hurt a lot of people. The tread on the front on the soft tyre is less than normal, so it will be difficult to get heat into the tyre. There are so many different things for this race that we haven’t experienced before. It will be good to see who can work with it and come out on top. Hopefully it will be us.

“It’s quite different to last year because we don’t have the DRS every lap of the race like we had the F-duct last year. So you won’t have cars running massive amounts of downforce here, because you’ll be a sitting duck in the race. It will be much lower downforce this season.

“But I think even with a very small wing we’ll still have more downforce than most people had last year here. We’ll be close to what I had, I think, from what other people were running last year.”

Meanwhile Button says he’s driving as well as he ever has, after a recent run of good races.

In Spa he charged up to third after a disastrous qualifying, and team sources insist that had he not damaged his front wing on debris at the start he could have won the race.

“I’m very happy with what I’m doing with the car,” said Button. “With the tools I have available to me I think I’m doing the best job I can. I’m really enjoying it as well, which is massively important.

“I feel good in the car and I have the confidence to really throw it around, which is maybe the biggest thing which is different from previous seasons. I think that will show in qualifying in the next few races.

“I’m still going to make mistakes, and we made one in qualifying at the last race. But more often than not we get it right when it comes to strategy and the calls we make during the race.”

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