Lewis (no not that one) to test for Ferrari

Californian Michael Lewis will test a 2009 Ferrari F60 at Vallelunga on November 15 as his prize for being the top rookie in the Italian F3 Championship.

The Italian motor sport authority – the CSAI – has been arranging the award since 2008, and it is clearly aimed at promoting local talent. In previous years tests have been given the top three finishers, but this year, they chose only overall champion Sergio Campana and rookie winner Lewis.

The 20-year-old Lewis also finished second overall in the championship, having won three races. He previously competed in Formula BMW in 2009 and 2010.

CSAI president Angelo Sticchi Damiani said: “The test by which in cooperation with Scuderia Ferrari we award the best drivers of our F3 championship is a moment of great satisfaction and unfinished pride for the Italian federation.”

The Vallelunga test does not fall under the usual restrictions as it is taking place with an out-of-date car.

Unfortunately for the drivers concerned their outing will be overshadowed somewhat by the Abu Dhabi test, which starts the same day.


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2 responses to “Lewis (no not that one) to test for Ferrari

  1. Steve C

    That’s great, another American driver getting a shot. Good luck Michael…

  2. melonfarmer

    No offence to Michael, but I’d rather see Lewis Williamson given a proper F1 test. He ran last week in a 2008 McLaren as his prize for winning the Autosport award.

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