Iley takes ‘Performance Director’ role at Caterham

Team Lotus has revealed that former McLaren aero man John Iley has been given the rarely used title of Performance Director at the team that will soon be known as Caterham.

Iley will head up “all aerodynamics, CFD and related activity” for the team, which changes its name on December 14.

Iley’s move became public knowledge some time ago, but the team had not made an official comment until today.

Iley is a longtime protégé of Mike Gascoyne. He originally worked with EuroBrun and on a couple of sportscar projects before joining Jordan in 1995. He hooked up with Gascoyne when the latter joined in 1998, and they went to Renault together in 2002. He later worked at Ferrari before joining McLaren, where he was chief aerodynamicist.

In Brazil Martin Whitmarsh played down his loss to McLaren, saying that Iley organised the aero department rather than led its R&D.

Caterham CEO Riad Asmat said: “It is a real sign of our growth and development as a serious contender for long-term honours that we can attract someone of John’s calibre and we are all very excited about the contribution he will make to our future success from the moment he starts work with our team.”


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4 responses to “Iley takes ‘Performance Director’ role at Caterham

  1. Abuelo Paul

    Thats really excellent news for the Caterham venture, happy for them, it may move them a step up in the gradings next season.
    However, it does beg the question: If Iley is so good, why has he been such a nomad for the last ten years, and why are McLaren releasing him?
    Lets see if he can come up with the goods and use the knowledge and experience gained from he big boys, applying it to the benefit of Caterham.
    Good luck.

  2. I agree with you but the Maclarn car hasnt been that bad ish. What we have to think of here is that take what he brought to said team. Caterham in my view this year were a back middle team. They didnt deserve to be lumberd with the HRT and Virgins. KRS was really all that was missing to take that extra step. Take that on board with new engines Mike gaysgone’s exprience with this man and i think we could get some points on the board for them next year. (sorry for a few spelling and grammar errors, was on a train when typing this in rush hour :@)

  3. jo6pac

    Is Caterham running Renualt next season?

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