Luca di Montezemolo: “Winning depends on us, not on others”

Luca di Montezemolo used Ferrari’s Xmas lunch today to encourage the team to work harder in the build-up to 2012.

Over 1000 team members and suppliers – including the drivers – were present to hear Montezemolo celebrate 20 years in the job.

He made it clear that the team underperformed this season, but said he was positive about next year.

“I want to be optimistic, because I can see the concentration and the attention to detail which characterises the efforts being made by Domenicali and his people, by Fry, Marmorini, Lanzone and Tombazis,” he said in a speech to the assembled staff.

“Work is going on in all areas to improve, from the design of the new car, to the simulation work, from preparing for the pit stops, to the starts and so on.

“We cannot be happy with the way this year went and there is a great desire to redeem ourselves, because results don’t come on their own, they are not delivered by a stork. It will take hard work from every one of you, it will come from the ability to be perfect, to start from pole position and that ability is the strength of this company. Behind amazing products there are amazing men and women.”

Montezemolo emphasised that Felipe Massa has to raise his game.

“All the ingredients are in place to start winning again. Great things are also expected from our drivers for next season. Felipe knows next year is very important for him, but it is up to us to give him a competitive car. If we manage it, then I am sure we will rediscover the Felipe who delivered so much and who could be quicker than Michael and Kimi.”

He also praised Fernando Alonso.

“Fernando has had an amazing season, even though he did not have a competitive car and he made us all happy at Silverstone, with an emblematic victory, given it came at the same circuit and in the same month in which, sixty years ago, Ferrari took its first ever Formula 1 win.

“What I like about our drivers is their ability to work with the team. I knew that about Felipe and it was a pleasant surprise to find out the same applied to Fernando. I don’t like drivers who turn up at the track with their briefcase and do not share in the daily life of the team – they are not Ferrari people.”

He concluded: “My job is to provide the best possible conditions for you to do yours. I expect a big effort from you and a great desire to do well. Winning depends on us, not on others.”


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5 responses to “Luca di Montezemolo: “Winning depends on us, not on others”

  1. Joe

    As the old Italian saying goes “The fish rots from the head”

  2. Domenicali and his people: Fry, Marmorini, Lanzone and Tombazis, they are good fellas. Wiseguys.

  3. Gowra Sumanth

    An educated thought from Luca hope thy win in 2012 Ferrari means business as usual

  4. Steve

    What a legend Luca is. It is great to still have him in F1.

  5. I absolutely love the fact that Ferrari is having to work so hard, play so many angles, and prey so hard to earn their wins. 2012 will have a serious bunch of top level hot shoes twisting the wheels on track, a battalion of hot dog designers and engineers over the wall, and more teams motivated like never before to do better after a season of freaky sad performances, and domination by a nice kid driving a soft drink company car. I wish Luca and Ferrari the best, as the closer they can get to the front, the more heat their will be in next years battles at the pointy end.

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