Nico Rosberg: “I also thought he was crazy!”

Nico Rosberg endured a frustrating Australian GP as the Mercedes W03 failed to fulfil the expectations that the car’s one-lap pace had generated.

The German struggled for pace in race conditions, but after plugging away he was still set for sixth place when he had contact with Sergio Perez on the last lap. The subsequent puncture dropped him to 12th place.

“It was a bit difficult and a bit unexpected,” said Rosberg. “We were just struggling a bit more than we thought, and we need to analyse why. The car didn’t feel good in the long runs, we were not fast and we were struggling. But yes of course we had some good straightline speed.

“It was a good fight and everything was looking very good actually, we would have been sixth which would have been OK, given the circumstances. And then it’s just a very unnecessary thing that we touched on the straight, so Sergio touched my rear wheel and I got a puncture.”

“Unfortunately for us it was not such a good day so a bit of a setback from all the positives from yesterday when we were very quick.”

Rosberg was surprised when told that Perez had blamed him.

“He complained about me? So maybe it’s nobody’s fault, because I also thought he was crazy! Maybe it’s just a racing incident, and we have to see on the video. It’s a very unfortunate incident.”

Rosberg is confident that things will get better: “I’m confident that we can learn from here and definitely move forward and improve for the next race. For sure it should be much better.”


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5 responses to “Nico Rosberg: “I also thought he was crazy!”

  1. Steve C

    Let’s see the race footage, it’s the only way to tell who did what to who.

  2. Pieroggi

    Utter bollocks. First of all, only reason he got to make a move is that Perez slowed down because of Maldonado’s wreck and Nico didn’t. And then he cuts the left hander after passing Sergio.

    Nico is not very fair in close racing. Last year in Singapore it was very similar, except that Sergio lifted a lot to avoid it (so much in fact, that Schumacher ended up ramming him).

  3. Stone the Crows

    That’s the thing that I like about Rosberg, he’s good natured, even tempered and usually sees the situation fairly. Its a shame that for all the good news that was coming from Mercedes last weekend they had no points to show for it.

  4. Aquataz

    Well, I’ve read declarations by Perez to Mexican & Spanish press – in Spanish. He does not call out Rosberg at all. Having said that lets look at footage, he was really struggling w tyres but this happened at the end of a straight while setup. Rosberg deserved the points, and so did Checo.

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