Fernando Alonso: “We limited the damage again”

Fernando Alonso may have finished only seventh in Bahrain on Sunday, but the Spaniard was pleased to have bagged some useful points – and ended the run of the first four flyaway races just 10 points off the World Championship lead, despite the obvious limitations of the Ferrari F2012.

He now lies fifth in the championship, on the same number of points as Jenson Button.

Alonso came close to passing Paul Di Resta right at the end of the race, but helped by KERS, the Scot just managed to stay ahead.

“We missed maybe 500m of the finish line to overtake Paul, but you know it was what we could do today,” said Alonso after the race. “In the end we have to be happy, we beat both McLarens, something that was completely out of our reach if someone told us yesterday, so in the end we limited the damage again.

“We were eight points from the leader [Hamilton] at the start of Bahrain, we are 10 points now from the leader of the championship [Vettel] after Bahrain. So in the first four races I think we did quite good damage limitation.”

Alonso was involved in two controversial incidents during the race, narrowly avoiding contact with a swerving Nico Rosberg and facing an investigation himself for an unsafe release after being waved out of the pits into the path of Sergio Perez. Neither incident led to a penalty, although Alonso clearly wasn’t too happy with Rosberg.

“With Nico, if that was a wall… Probably this should not be allowed, pushing someone completely out of the track, knowing that someone is there. With Perez the pitlane here is quite wide, so I don’t think that he had to brake or something like that.”

Regarding the controversy surrounding the weekend, Alonso said: “I think we did what we were supposed to do. We trusted the FIA, we came here, we did the best show possible for everybody, because the sport is here to have the people united, not to have any trouble. So hopefully people enjoyed it, and we have to be happy.”

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