Pole important in Barcelona, says Webber

Mark Webber says he’s happy with the latest updates at Red Bull after the first day of running in Barcelona.

Webber was only seventh in FP2, some 0.666s off pacesetter Jenson Button, but he said the overall times meant little. He also had a brief run through a gravel trap.

“I’m pretty happy actually,” said Webber. “We got a lot of mileage in, apart from the driver running off the track and getting a bit of gravel rash! You get one timed lap on the option, basically. Everyone gets one timed lap, so that’s the lap times that everyone sees on the time sheet at the end of the day.

“There’s a huge amount of work that goes on around that. That’s what we’ve got to pull together tonight and work on tomorrow. There’s some fast cars out there. McLaren are quick, Ferrari are quick, we’re quick, Mercedes aren’t hanging around, and Renault as well.”

Webber has been on pole in Barcelona in the past, and says there’s no substitute for starting on the front.

“It’s nice to finish the first lap in a good position. Obviously I capitalised on pole in 2010, I didn’t capitalise on it last year. I think the winner has generally come from the top three for the last thousand years. You need to be at the front at the end of the first lap for sure, and then just go from there, and people will just be covering each other off at pit stops, to be honest.

“I’m not sure how many stops the race will be, but the tyres this morning weren’t particularly impressive. I think that qualifying could be compromised to look at how many sets of tyres you have for the race.”

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