Horner says no reason for Webber to leave RBR

Christian Horner has indicated that Mark Webber’s expected departure from Red Bull Racing at the end of 2012 is not a foregone conclusion.

The consensus in the paddock has long been that Webber will either retire at the end of this year or take Felipe Massa’s place at Ferrari – and will be replaced by either Daniel Ricciardo or Jean-Eric Vergne.

However Horner insists that there are good reasons for Mark to stay.

“Mark’s had a great day today, he’d driving very well, he’s in great shape,” said Horner after the Monaco win. “And you can see on a day like today that he’s absolutely on the top of his game. We have a very open and straightforward relationship with Mark, and today certainly doesn’t change that, it’s been the same situation for the last couple of years.

“Why would he want to leave? He’s comfortable in the team. The team know Mark very well, Mark knows the team very well. We’re only at race six, obviously a lot depends on his desire and motivation going forward which at the moment looks very clear. He’s doing a great job, we’re really happy with him. He’s really deserved today’s result.

“Mark’s doing a good job. Let’s focus on today, and the future will take care of itself.”

Asked to compare the team’s three Monaco wins, Horner said: “I think they all are sweet. The third one was pretty special, the second one was special as well, and this one feels just as good to become triple winners in Monte Carlo.

“I don’t think you do that by luck, and Mark’s become a double winner. He joins an elite group of double winners or multiple winners in Monaco. He really deserved it today.”


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2 responses to “Horner says no reason for Webber to leave RBR

  1. It would be fantastic if Mark wins the world title this year. And what a nice person he is.

  2. ozmark

    “…obviously a lot depends on his desire and motivation going forward…” how many times have we heard that tired line from Horner? Is that supposed to be a scare tactic there, Christian, to get Webber to kowtow? I’d love Mark to walk from RBR as champion.

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