Video: Sauber slices an F1 car down the middle!

The Sauber team has produced an illuminating video showing a recent F1 car neatly sliced down the middle – a job that took the mechanics two years to complete.

It provides a unique insight into what really goes on beneath the skin of the car – in this case a 2008 model – with chief designer Matt Morris as your guide. What a great idea…


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6 responses to “Video: Sauber slices an F1 car down the middle!

  1. Mon Pen

    Two years? Pastor Maldonado nearly did that in a matter of seconds at Portier.

  2. Steve W

    I always wondered why the driver’s feet don’t go numb.

    • That’s a great question Steve given the feet appear higher than the body and the G-forces are pushing the blood away from extremities as well. I assume, under breaking that the blood is well and truly pushed to the feet and given the driver’s heart rate is so high during a race (180 bpm) that circulation is not an issue at all. If they had to sit in there for a long time at the start up grid, perhaps that could be the case…

  3. Kevin Robinson

    Great video. Thanks for finding it.

  4. Rodolfo Gaspar


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