Lewis Hamilton: “We all get to make choices in our lives”

Lewis Hamilton said today that he laughs at criticism of his decision to leave McLaren for Mercedes.

Hamilton has faced ongoing negative comments from former F1 drivers and media pundits since his move was announced in September, with the likes of Jackie Stewart and Allan McNish among the more recent contributors to the debate.

“It makes me laugh just to see other people’s comments,” he said when asked about it by this blog. “Everyone’s got an opinion, which is fair enough, but you should just keep it to yourself in general. As for me, I’m just trying to focus and remain positive about it. It’s my decision, it’s nothing to do with any of these people that are commenting on it.

“It’s up to me. My family’s supportive of it, I feel good about it, and that’s all that matters. We all get to make choices in our lives, and as long as you feel comfortable about it in your heart, and in your mind, then that’s all that matters.”

Meanwhile after his brief run in the W04 at Jerez today Hamilton was reluctant to make too many comparisons between the new car and the McLaren he drove last year.

“It just feels like an F1 car still. It’s got downforce and wheels just like the previous car had. The tyres that I’m driving are demonstration tyres, so I’m not really taking too much from that drive. It’s a Mercedes engine, so it’s still got all the power that I normally have.

“But at the moment it’s got lots of different switches and buttons that I have to get used to, all the different procedures and all the different things that they’re talking about, all the different terminology that they are using, that’s really what I’m focussing on mostly.”


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2 responses to “Lewis Hamilton: “We all get to make choices in our lives”

  1. tony

    don’t really care about politics, just hope he wins, the peoples champion.

  2. Stone the crows

    I’m sure this cat will land on his feet. Must be a bit worrying to start with a team of which a 7 time champion said had taught him how to lose.

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