Mark Webber: “You’ve got to take it on the chin…”

Mark Webber will start the Spanish GP from seventh place after his tyres gave up over the last few corners of his final lap in Q3.

Webber was initially eighth, but gained a spot after Felipe Massa was penalised for blocking the Aussie earlier in the session.

Webber is normally a Barcelona specialist and regards the race as a chance to bank some serious points.

“You’ve got to take it on the chin, you’ve got no choice,” when asked by this writer how disappointed he was. “The race is still going to be very interesting tomorrow, to see how the Grand Prix unfolds. I have not a clue who is going to be strong in the Grand Prix. It is, as we’ve seen in the GP2 race, all about tyres. We’ll see who does what with the tyres.

“We’ve seen the Mercedes look very strong on one lap, but is there going to be a traffic jam early in the race? Who knows. Are they going to disappear? Are Lotus going to come through? Are Ferrari quick? We don’t know until we go out. And also the qualifying allocation of what tyres you elected to use, is that going to be the right strategy for the race? People have made their bed now, we’ll see how that unfolds in the race tomorrow.”

Webber was especially frustrated to lose lap time in the last sector, where he is usually quick.

“Especially the last sector has been strong for me yesterday and this morning, and even in Q2. But I lost the rears, I had no rear tyres. We didn’t expect that to happen. But it did, and I bled a lot of lap time from Turn 9 to start/finish. You’re losing rows on the grid when it’s that type of qualifying.

“In Q1 and Q2 we had the potential, Seb and I were in the window for sure, but that’s how sensitive it is at the moment. We’ve seen it here in winter testing too, it’s very easy to be on or off. Normally it’s a part of the lap that I look forward to.”

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