Ferrari currently strongest car, says Lopez

Lotus F1 co-owner Gerard Lopez says he was encouraged by the team’s form in Spain, although he concedes that the Ferrari is currently the strongest car on the grid.

Although Raikkonen earned his fourth podium of the season in Barcelona ultimately there was some frustration that the Finn wasn’t able to challenge Fernando Alonso for victory, having lost valuable time early on. Meanwhile Romain Grosjean had a suspension failure.

“We thought there was a way to win it,” Lopez told this writer. “We lost the race right at the beginning when Fernando and Vettel were able to jump Hamilton and we got stuck a couple of times in traffic. That’s where we lost the race, and other than that, it was very good. The car is super consistent, and it was fast on both tyres.

“I was disappointed that Romain was out of the points, that was a big loss. It’s going to happen to everybody. Romain has a little bit of a lack of luck, and the times when he is lucky he needs to get maximum points. Things are going to come back to him.

“I was a bit surprised by the Red Bulls. Spain was an important race, everybody’s going to throw what they have at the car. I think Mercedes we expected to be fast on one lap. The Ferrari is probably the strongest car right now. Red Bull maybe a little bit below where we expected them, and I guess we were where we are.”

Regarding the next race in Monaco he said: “Everybody goes there hopeful, because you really don’t know what you need to win there or not. We’ll know after the first day of practice…”

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