Paul Hembery: Post-race test a “dream” for Pirelli

One of the great mysteries of the ongoing Mercedes testing saga is how and why both the team and Pirelli kept it a secret when it was inevitably going to come to light at some stage.

Paul Hembery had a chat with a group of journalists in Monaco in Thursday, when the subject of testing came up. At no point in that session or the lengthy FIA press conference that preceded it did Hembery offer any hint that a test had taken place, despite extensive discussion.

However when asked what would be the ideal solution to the lack of opportunities for Pirelli to test, he offered what in retrospect is an interesting insight into why the Barcelona session was so useful for Pirelli – and one has to assume Mercedes as well.

“Obviously when you’ve got a benchmark from a race, it’s ideal to go testing, because you’ll have fresh data,” he said. “If you could stay on with a couple of teams, and you could rotate them – that’s not really the issue – then you’re in a better situation, because you’ve got representative data, hopefully you’ve got the drivers that have just driven the race, and you can actually do some valuable testing. That would be the dream, but I’m not sure if that’s ever going to happen.”

As we know now just such a test had taken place the previous week…


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7 responses to “Paul Hembery: Post-race test a “dream” for Pirelli

  1. Chris

    Well that statement makes it pretty clear that merc and pirelli tried to keep the test secret even if they didn’t plan on that from the beginning
    They probably thought if no one noticed immediately chances are it’s going to stay in the dark

  2. Sounds like a great idea. Why wouldn’t the teams agree to it? At the moment the F1 teams can’t seem to agree on anything. Can’t agree on using the Lotus car for tire testing. Can’t agree on extra tires and rookie drivers for testing on Fridays. And there is no way they would agree to in-season tire testing unless all the teams could participate. Pirelli in a no-win situation at the moment.

  3. Domenico

    This is just getting worse and worse. Some great information there Adam! Much appreciated how you present the facts that are relevant and not a one sided view like other journalists who shall remain nameless.

    • **Paul**

      Top journalism over the whole tyre affair by Mr Cooper, many thanks for it.

      My view is that Merc & Pirelli knew this wasn’t legal, but both needed the test urgently for their own reasons. I’m expecting Ferrari/RBRs statements about not expecting a quick result to prompt the FIA into action about it. I’d hope Mercedes would lose out on 1000km of non-racing running as a result of such sanctions to level the playing field, then give them some kind of financial punishment for breaking the rules. Pirelli? I think this might be the straw that broke the camels back.

  4. Cabby

    He talks about teams rotating, so I guess he means it would be a dream to have those tests regularly during the season, with different teams, and not that it would be a dream to have such a test at all.

    • Domenico

      Hmmm, probably a line his defence attorney would run but I don’t like the chances of that being believed.

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