Kimi Raikkonen: “The decision will not be an easy one…”

Kimi Raikkonen insists that he has still not decided what he wants to do next year, despite the confirmation that Mark Webber’s seat is available.

Raikkonen is widely regarded as Webber’s most likely replacement, although Lotus is still trying to hang on to him.

“I still don’t have an answer for what will happen next year, it hasn’t changed since the last two races,” he said. “Obviously people will be talking more about chances but it doesn’t really change what I will do next year or what my decisions are, even if there is obviously an open place.

“I have no contract, which is normal in F1. I have nothing to tell people unless there is something certain on paper, and then I will tell immediately because for me it’s much easier, everybody stops asking the same question. Until I have something I can’t answer.”

“I think whatever the decision will be will not be an easy one. It’s never easy. It’s not the first time that there are different options on the table, then you take the one that you thing is right for you at the moment. It’s hard to say if it’s the right or wrong decision, but then you have to live with it, whatever it is.”

Regarding the prospect of having Sebastian Vettel as a team mate, he said: “I have no problem to race with anybody. I’ve never been in a position to choose who I drive with, so it doesn’t change anything. If would happen obviously it would be more easy than some other years.”

Meanwhile he admitted it would be difficult to leave Lotus.

“It’s been perfect, without them I wouldn’t be back in F1. For sure they also got something out of it, so no complaints. Obviously there’s certain things that have to improve, but I’ve had a great time with the team so far and that’s why whatever the decision will be will be difficult.”

He also suggested that it was not certain that he would be in F1: “Until I have a contract there is always the option that I will not race. There’s a long time from now to the beginning of next year, a lot of things can happen in life that make the decision for you, and you might not be racing. But I think that there’s a bigger chance that it will be F1 next year for me.”


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7 responses to “Kimi Raikkonen: “The decision will not be an easy one…”

  1. Mr.Hands

    Really sounds like Kimi’s got the option for a Red Bull contract to me.

  2. **Paul**

    Kimi is apparently on pretty good terms with Vettel, and I think the Red Bull brand (not just it’s F1 team) would love to have such a character in their ranks. If Red Bull don’t pull out all the stops to get Kimi I’d be very surprised.

  3. If Raikkonen is indeed the first choice for Red Bull, you have to wonder what the point of the Red Bull driver development program and sponsorship of Toro Rosso is for.

    • ronmon

      Red Bull sells enough sugar water to fund half the grid. I think it’s more about ego than development.

    • GeorgeK

      Matschitz has been trying to sell off TR for years. When stuck with lemons (TR) make lemonade (young driver opportunities at TR).

  4. GeorgeK

    Isn’t Red Bull and vodka a common cocktail these days? Seems to be a natural fit for the Kimster!

  5. davidjgoss

    I can see Kimi wanting to drive a Red Bull car.

    I can even see him wanting to race with Vettel.

    I can’t see him wanting to work for Christian Horner.

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