Schuberth F1 helmets in flood charity auction

Schuberth helmets raced by Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg, Jules Bianchi and Nico Hulkenberg are up for grabs in a charity auction organised by the German manufacturer.

The auction is in aid of victims of the flood in Magdeburg, where Schuberth is based. Some 20,000 residents had to be evacuated on June 9 when the River Elbe flood wave hit the town.

“Thousands of personnel from the fire service, the relief agency THW and the German army as well as great numbers of volunteers fought against the floods,” says Schuberth CEO Marcel Lejeune. “For the first time in company history we were forced to stop work. Many of our employees took a volunteer position at the dams themselves to lend a hand or tried to save their own possessions. We soon realised that we did not just want to thank people for what they had done, but also give something to those who had suffered losses from the disaster.”

Magdeburg’s Lord Mayor Lutz Trümper said: “This is a brilliant idea of Schuberth’s. I would like to thank Schuberth and of course also the drivers themselves for their willingness to help the people in our town, who are suffering hardship as a result of this ‘flood of the century’. It is great to see such popular international sports stars becoming involved. Their example will motivate many other people all over Germany to do something themselves to help put life in our town and in all other affected areas in Germany back on track.”

Schumacher’s helmet was used in 2012, and the others are all from this season.

The auction can be found at:

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One response to “Schuberth F1 helmets in flood charity auction

  1. petes

    Any truth in the rumour that Rosbergs helmet is all black?

    Red Bull have missed an opportunity here to get rid of a Helmut, too.

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