Christian Horner: “It never gets boring, winning…”

Christian Horner says a fourth pair of titles for Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull would be a major achievement – and adds that winning doesn’t get boring.

Horner insists that the 2013 title battle isn’t over yet, but has pondered what a fourth success would represent.

“We haven’t allowed our thoughts to drift like that to be honest with you, we’ve just stayed in the moment, stayed focussed,” said Horner. “If we were to achieve it, of course it would be massive. To win the first one was special, to defend it was remarkable, to do a triple, we didn’t think we could surpass that. So if we do manage to defend both titles it’s something that the whole team will be absolutely blown away by.

“It never gets boring, winning. To win races takes so much effort from all the departments behind the scenes, all the guys and girls back in Milton Keynes are working flat out at the moment. We had Adrian [Newey] in the operations room supporting the team through all of the sessions this weekend, so he was a virtual attendance at the Grand Prix, as if he was on the pit wall, but he wasn’t sitting there. So it’s down to that kind of team work and the effort that goes in behind the scenes that we’re able to achieve the kind of results that we’ve managed to achieve over the last 4-5 years.”

Meanwhile Horner says that Vettel could have done a two-stop in Korea even without the safety car making things easier.

“Yes ultimately, but it would have been right on the edge. The tyres that came off Sebastian’s car and had done very long stints in the first and second stints compared to other cars were pretty much through their wear life. He should have just been OK to get to the end of the race. It was certainly marginal.”

Regarding criticism of Pirelli he said: “I think that at the end of the day we’ve been driving around with the same issues that we had 12 months ago. Here the tyres were too marginal, last week they were fine. For sure it’s a challenge meeting the different criteria of the different tracks that we go to. I think this weekend arguably while having produced a great race they were a bit too much on the limit.”


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6 responses to “Christian Horner: “It never gets boring, winning…”

  1. Jason C

    Doesn’t get boring for him, maybe…

  2. Gilo B

    I do get annoyed when Christian or Seb say we’re not thinking about the championship, cos thats complete crap. They’ve been thinking about the championship since the first race & Malaysia with the ‘mix 21’ was a clear indication of Seb’s view that he needs every point for the championship race !!

  3. Alberto Dietz

    Wrong, ronmon, at the very least, Seb’s, Kimi’s, Hulk’s and Lew’s fans do count.

  4. It’s boring for the fans though Christian. You are only ecstatic because of your bonus. Take Vettel out of F1 and it would be brilliant.

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