Honda and McLaren have a lot of work to do, says Neale

McLaren managing director Jonathan Neale says that the team is delighted that Honda’s 2015 engine is already running on the dyno – but cautioned that there is still a long way to go to create a competitive package.

Honda released audio of its new engine earlier this week.

“It is exciting, it’s always good when you hear a new engine fire up, it’s a great moment for the whole organisation, and a moment of satisfaction for everybody,” said Neale. “Honda moved heaven and earth to be able to get the first engine built, constructed and running. It’s a bit like – dare I use the metaphor of pregnancy? – you focus on the first nine months and then you realise that it’s only then that the hard work starts.

“While we have something that’s running we’re under no illusion how much work we have to do together to be able to develop a competitive power unit in terms of the engine, the ERS system, the battery technology, and all of the systems that go round that. Particularly for us as McLaren doing it twice in two years is a fairly ambitious project. But we’re really excited about that.

“However at this time of year with only some frightening number of weeks to go to the end of this year all hands at the moment are focussed on working with Mercedes and the integration of that engine, and the development of our fuel and lube programme with Exxon Mobil, so that we’re able to put a high performance package on the deck, and a reliable one, for the start of next year.”

Meanwhile on the subject of Peter Prodromou Neale said it was unlikely that Red Bull would be very keen to release its current head of aero early. He is expected to join the team in 2015.

“Peter’s a great guy and he’s an important part of their operation. I can’t see any incentive for Red Bull to release him early. We’d be very happy to have him starting here tomorrow morning! But we do fully respect Red Bull’s position as we do when recruiting anybody from another organisation.

“They know that, we understand the position with Red Bull, and we fully respect Christian’s position. Who knows what will happen over the course of a year, but it’s entirely at Red Bull’s gift, it’s for them to decide. It’s not for us, not for McLaren to decide that.”

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  1. It will be good to see you guys get back to the great days.

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