Raikkonen sent to the back of the grid

Kimi Raikkonen has been excluded from qualifying after his car failed a floor deflection test in Abu Dhabi. He will be allowed to start from the back of the grid. He also has the option to drop out of parc ferme, make ste-up changes, and start from the pit lane.

In Hungary a similar thing happened with Romain Grosjean, but the stewards accepted that the floor was damaged.

However this time the circumstances were different – in effect it was not the first time it had happened – and thus the car was deemed to have failed to comply with the regulations.

They notes: “The stewards heard the explanation of the team that the relevant part broke upon contact with a kerb. However, the stewards did not accept that the incident referred to constituted an accident, or excused failing relevant test.”


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6 responses to “Raikkonen sent to the back of the grid

  1. Would the deg here allow him to start on the mediums and pull off a one-stop like Sutil in India? Thinking the 20/1 might be a good bet for fastest lap…

  2. Danilo Schoeneberg

    Thank god this was not a Red Bull. The internet would have exploded…

  3. Tony Dowe

    I suspect this might be the straw that breaks the camels back!
    Why would you race for non payment and be given a car that did not pass a technical test?
    Might be seeing Kimi in Red next!

  4. Seems pretty ridiculous that the Stewards don’t recognize kerb damage.

    • jo6pac

      If I didn’t know better I would think everyone including FIA is to make his life miserable as possible until the end of the season if he decides to carry on. I have no problem with him setting out the last 2 races since he hasn’t been paid any way.

      • GeorgeK

        If Kimi fails to show up Lotus will probably use that as a breech of contract excuse to not pay him anything, including what they owe for past races. And I’m sure it’s a considerable amount of money anyone would not walk away from.

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