Clock ticking as Lotus still awaits Quantum funds

Lotus team principal Eric Boullier says that Quantum has promised to confirm its eagerly awaited funding in the next week.

Many paddock observers remain sceptical about the prospects of the deal finally coming together.

“I hope so, it’s what I’ve been told,” said Boullier. “For the team itself, for Genii, for everybody it would be great to have this completed. We have to put in place, obviously, all the plan for the team. And that’s going to be the deadline.

“That would first be a great reward for the team, and a great reward too for Genii Capital, who believe in our team and pushed very hard for the last four years. And with this completed we would be let’s say money-wise safe for more than a couple of years, and you can then work on a proper strategy to establish your team and make everybody and all the people in your team reassured about the future. And obviously rebuild the trust and confidence in everybody as well.”

Meanwhile Nico Hulkenberg’s prospects of joining the team remain tied to the Quantum funding.

“I think he wants to join us, or he would like to join us, and we would like to have him on board. I believe having Hulkenberg and Grosjean would be one of the best pairs in the pitlane, and actually a very affordable one, if may say this. I understand his position as well. He had a very bad experience when he was dropped by Williams, he doesn’t want to be in the same situation. I cannot blame him to sign or to commit somewhere else if we have failed with the timing.”


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3 responses to “Clock ticking as Lotus still awaits Quantum funds

  1. Really sad to see Lotus get jerked around like this. I don’t know anything about the Quantum ppl except for the very unflattering stuff I’ve seen in the public record on the lead guy, but w/ that it’s very hard to believe in this deal and I wonder where Lotus/Genii’s due diligence was/is?

  2. petes

    I personally don’t see anything sad Joe, about a couple of hustlers getting themselves out-hustled. Hilarious in fact. Your point about dd is taken tho’.

  3. The Hulk should get the drive, but if the Quantum deal does not go through then it will be a sad time with Pastor Maldonado as a driver, just because of his big wallet

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