Romanian project applies for 2015 F1 entry

A Romanian-funded project is among one of the three potential new F1 teams involved in the 2015 entry tender process.

It’s understood that some state-owned companies are behind the new project, and that they have decided to pursue their own route after initially considering buying into an existing team late last year.

Former Force India and HRT boss Colin Kolles is involved, although it’s believed that he will be a supplier rather than an owner or team principal. In effect he would probably do what he did with HRT, and lease his Bavarian facility and its staff and equipment to the team.

Latterly Kolles has expanded to become a manufacturer, and this year his company is building an LMP1 car, and thus he has the capability to produce an F1 machine.

It’s worth speculating that one of the parties involved in the project could be Renault-owned car manufacturer Dacia, whose name could be used to badge a Renault F1 engine.


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5 responses to “Romanian project applies for 2015 F1 entry

  1. Dacia

    Pigs might fly !

  2. Lolo

    I am from Romania and living in it. The country is close to bankrupcy so i would hardly consider such claims coming from here. Maybe Mr. Kolles would love to have the money from the Dacia manufacturer, but I seriously doubt that they are having such funds at hand.

  3. Calin Alecu

    No offense! The rumor it is pure science fiction!

  4. edigheorghiu

    The team from Dacia are known for doing good job with less finance. It may fly!

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