Kovalainen without a drive as Caterham follows the money

Heikki Kovalainen is without a drive after Caterham opted not to take him for this season.

The team had planned to give him a race seat in 2014 after indicating that it did not want to rely on paying drivers, which is why he was an FP1 regular last year.

However, clearly the situation changed, and it has been apparent for some weeks that the Finn was no longer in the frame. He had been under contract until December.

“I got a text message from Tony [Fernandes] saying they need two pay drivers,” Kovalainen told this writer. “So I guess that’s it for me. I was counting on this one 100%, so I have nothing planned now.”

The team is expected to finally confirm Kamui Kobayashi and Marcus Ericsson today.


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5 responses to “Kovalainen without a drive as Caterham follows the money

  1. Stone the Crows

    Note to self Heikki, its well past time to start scraping together some sponsorship money… If Kobash can make it back after a considerable hiatus, Heikki should be able to do so with a few million euros to bring to the table.

  2. Leif Rappu

    New regulations, new car and new possibilities needs new blood (referring to Ericsson)

  3. Dan S

    Bit of a bummer, especially if under contract till December initially. And the indignity of doing it by text, no respect at all…!!!

    • Agreed – but then, Fernandes has a history of this kind of disrespectful, plutocratic elitist behavior.

      Frankly, Heikki will be better off in the long run not suffering through the ignominity of another Caterham losing year, especially as we now read Fernandes’ rant threatening to quit the sport.

      The reason I say Heikki will be better off in the long-run is b/c this now forces him to start dealing w/ “real”-life (read, “non-F1” life). He’s a smart, talented, very disciplined (and funny) guy who has a lot to offer apart from reliably putting out on-track fires while keeping a cool head.

      The world is his oyster…just don’t count on shucking it in an F1 paddock again.

      I wonder if HK will want to continue racing in another series or if he’ll pursue success in a totally new discipline?

  4. Steve

    He really ought to have seen the writing on the wall. His lacklustre appearances with Lotus didn’t really help, perhaps. That’s it for Heikki and F1 now I’m afraid.

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