Sergio Perez: “I cannot understand why he had to scrape by…”

Sergio Perez and Force India have responded to criticism from Felipe Massa and Williams after the controversial last lap collision between the pair.

Perez was given a five-place grid penalty for Austria, essentially because he appeared to move left just before the incident.

Rob Smedley of Williams complained after the race that Perez had continued racing in a car that has brake problems after hearing references on the team radio. However the conversation related to a temporary glitch that was solved by a reset, and at the end of the race Perez had no problems other than the fact he was on much older tyres than those around him.

“It was very disappointing to lose such a strong result through no fault of our own,” said Perez today. “I was following the same line and braking patterns as in the previous laps and I just got hit from behind by Massa. There was plenty of space on the left of my car to attempt a clean overtake and I cannot understand why he had to scrape by.

“I watched several replays of the incident and I can’t help but notice how Felipe turns right just before he hits me. I can only think he must have changed his mind and wanted to rejoin the racing line, his misjudgement cost us a big amount of points.

“Also, I’m not happy about comments saying we should have retired the car. It was perfectly driveable with just some adjustments and we showed it up until the moment in which we were taken out. Other cars out there had been in similar conditions for way longer than us and they finished the race without problems.

“If someone thinks you can keep two Red Bulls behind for as long as we did with so-called ‘terminal’ problems, they are clearly misguided.”


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6 responses to “Sergio Perez: “I cannot understand why he had to scrape by…”

  1. i don’t think he’s wrong. seems harsh. the onus should have been on massa to make a cleaner pass.
    and certainly, smedley is pure politicking when he says the FI should have been retired! no team EVER retires a car that can keep that pace and has at least three wheels on it.

  2. Patience is a virtue, and some1 didn’t have it yesterday. Massa should’ve waited 4 a coupla more turns. Daly Sr. also likes to penalize people for no reason at all.

  3. TheLollipopMan

    It was outrageous the drivers didn’t get a chance to plea their case. They were still in hospital getting checked out when the stewards made their decision. I bet if Perez had of been given a chance to defend himself it would have been declared a racing incident. Massa came in far too hot. Stewarding must be consistent. Derek Warwick should be at every race.

  4. NDC

    If Perez was truly ‘innocent’, then the Force India should have proved it to the stewards – who have all the data they need to come to a rightful conclusion.

  5. Steve W

    I still wonder what Massa was hoping to accomplish there. It didn’t seem to me he could have made that corner without bouncing off Perez and maybe Vettel as well…

  6. Stone the Crows

    Massa had a fast car and was pushing hard to gain position before the race ended, a bit of the red mist got to him and he overcooked that turn and it caught him out. Felipe is one of my favorites, but Perez is not at fault and certainly should not be penalized. Daly Sr. made the wrong call.

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