VIDEO – First onboard lap of Sochi with Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel drove an Infiniti road car around Sochi today, and here is a video of his lap.

The German clearly likes the venue, judging by his smile: “It is great to be back in Sochi and the venue has been transformed since I was last here when it was really just a construction site. Having driven the full circuit for the first time in the Infiniti Q50 today, it’s an interesting layout with a good mix of high speed corners and technical sections. It’s going to be a huge challenge in a Formula One car for sure and I’m really looking forward to coming back in October.”


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7 responses to “VIDEO – First onboard lap of Sochi with Sebastian Vettel

  1. Paul

    NO to Russian GP, Boycott Sochi

  2. simon B

    Looks like a mix of Valencia and Abu Dhabi to me, ie: awful. But best to reserve judgement until we’ve seen it in action I guess.

  3. Mick

    That has all the visual appeal of the original Caterham 2014 nose design. Hope it can make up for it by producing good racing.

  4. No to Paul. Boycott russophobes. Sochi is by far the most advanced F1 venue. Forza, Vlad!!

  5. petes

    Think they should have two double points races this year, this being the other one. Red Bull needs all the help they can get and Merc won’t be here.

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